TIFF13: Hateship Loveship

"Hateship Loveship", dir. Liza Johnson
September 6th, Princess of Wales Theatre

This film was a very funny, cute modern adaptation of a short story by Canada's own Alice Munro.  I haven't read the story, and I had no idea what to expect.  Especially with Kristin Wiig as the lead, I was unsure what kind of film I had walked into.  Kristin Wiig has to be one of my favourite people, and her roles on SNL and in Bridesmaids and other films have always been highlights for me.  In the Q&A she expressed an interest in pursuing more dramatic roles, despite the fact that when she tells people this they are continuously surprised she wants to go in that direction.  It's pretty clear after seeing this film that the transition will be effortlessly smooth. 

The first few scenes were quiet, long, and sparse, depicting the type of life Wiig's character has had up until this point.  I was worried when this slow, still beginning seemed to transition into some sort of tense family drama for a scene or two, when two teenage girls come up with a plot to embarrass Wiig's character - the governess.  Because this film is adapted from a short story which takes place earlier on in the 20th century, some adaptations were made to include email, iPhones, and rap music, but this were peripheral as the plot and strong, incredibly unique characters literally kept me guessing.  There were moments throughout the film when I actually thought to myself, "What a strange/interesting choice - I've never seen anything like this before."