12 Beers of Christmas at The Gladstone Hotel

On Saturday night I attended 12 Beers of Christmas at the Gladstone Hotel - a real victory for me, as I wasn't able to get in last year because it had sold out.

This year, I was wiser and purchased my ticket immediately after they went on sale, which is good because they sold out completely in about 24 hours! For a beer lover like myself, this event is great because of the 12 awesome breweries to choose from (although why choose when you can try them all), and the laid back atmosphere. Nearly everyone was wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and jeans, and despite the very limited seating, everyone seemed to be having a great time floating around from room to room, and beer to beer.

There was also some great looking food, which I didn't try myself, but my friend who did seemed to love it. Each item was chosen for its perfect beer-pairability.

I even got to hang out with my friend Tom Green, as I tried the Tom Green Milk Stout from Beau's Brewery! I'd never tried this beer before, but I've loved every other beer from Beau's, and the Lug Tread is pretty much a turning point in my drinking life. So, I think seeing them listed on the event page for 12 Beers this year kinda sealed the deal for me!

This was truly a night of beautiful music for me as well! My friends and I were really into the band playing in the room near where we had camped out for the night. They did an awesome set of covers including Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars, Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Breezeblocks by Alt J. (I could write a whole blog post of my history listening to each of these bands, including 17 year-old me listening to Alt J two band names ago when they were a little university band from Leeds, but anyway the point is these were some meaningful tunes!) They came back on thankfully after a short break and played some great original songs. I couldn't wait to look them up so I went up to a member of the band after their last set and asked for their name. So here are some shots of Common Deer, everyone! Click here to check them out of Facebook.

We cleared out at 9:30 as we had to rush to get to a friend's gospel revival show at Grossman's Tavern. As my friend made clear to me ahead of time, this was the "fun kind of gospel". Now after the fact, I can wholeheartedly agree. The music and talent was amazing, and the vibe of the whole performance was splendidly secular, as I tend to like it! Here is the only shot I got from that show, with Jocelyn Sparrow as the featured soloist.

All in all it was an awesome night of beer and music, and I'm looking forward to 12 Beers of Summer, more Common Deer and gospel revival shows, and of course an endless string of rendezvous with Beau's!

This post is not sponsored by Beau's.